Thursday, March 31, 2016

Did Andrew Klavan lie about Donald Trump?

Now a lot of you may know that Fascism is bad.  Hell, even I, the uneducated dolt that I is, am willing to agree with anybody on that.  Since it is such an evil stain on human history, calling someone a fascist or an anti-semite who really isn't should be regarded as one of the lowest of the lowest smears in modern politics.

This brings us to noted author and Dailywire columnist Andrew Klavan.  A couple of weeks ago Andy went and tweeted an image of Donald Trump right next to a picture of Il Duce, the inventor of Fascism and dictator of Italy during the Second World War.
The attempt here is obvious and it's message is clear: "Donald Trump is a Fascist Dictator."  However there is one slight problem with this little narrative Mr. Klavan is trying to instill.  The picture of Donald Trump was taken while he was Grand Marshal of the 2004 Israeli Appreciation Parade in New York City.

Here is an uncropped picture:

Now we have already established that the website Andy works for (in the words of a real news professional,  Mr. Charles C. Johnson) is nothing more then a Ted Cruz Pravda pipe organ.  (Pravda being the official newspaper of the Kremlin.) 

I guess when the people who sign the front of your paycheck give 15 million dollars to Ted Cruz, all other competition for the GOP Nomination now looks like Hitler.  I never knew "Principled Conservatism" came with a price tag.  

( I would like to apologize for the lack of post lately.  This is not my full time job and the thing that really puts worthless fiat currency in the ye olde wallet take up a good 12-14 hours of my day.  I would also like to thank Charles Johnson for the hat tip at his website


  1. Was wondering where you got to. Great article.

  2. Hi Eric. You're probably already aware that the GOP is manipulating delegates to steal the election.