Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's Trout Season!



So I took the opportunity today to go out and enjoy the fine springtime weather that we are all having up here in Northern New York.  The video above is the results of my fishing expedition along the Black River, just a little south of Great Bend, NY.  

The particular spot I chose is a little favorite of mine (so don't tell anybody!) on the west river bank.  Here the water is not moving too rough because the rocks form a little pocket away from the main current.  There is a nice parking area  for a nature trail just before the Bridge on Highway 26.  


Nothing more than a  simple Eagle Claw trout rig that you can get at Wal-Mart for $1.39.  What I did was that, instead of using the size 6 snelled hooks that come with the rig, I  used a yellow floating jig for my nightcrawler.  

I have always had good luck with a yellow floating jig.  I think its because trout love yellow.

I like these things because it solves the problem of trying to keep your bait from getting tangled in the sinker line.  


Can of worms.  (Seriously, this is trout fishing, not rocket surgery.) 

Saturday, April 22, 2017


I would like to start off by saying to the three people who ever bothered to read this website, that my previous commitments have been completed.  I will return to my primary purpose for this blog post, fishing in New York.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog Status

Still outside of the country for the time being and will not be able to really post anything about fishing until I get back.  On a much sadder note, my laptop craped out on me, which proves my not voting for Carly was justified.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Is Ben Shapiro Acting Like A Hypocrite?

The reality of the situation is simple to understand.  Ben Shapiro is a fraud and for the most part, a hypocrite.  Shapiro’s hypocrisy has now finally come full circle with his criticism of the Trump Campaign hiring on Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News.    

Now Ben talks a good bit on how horrible a person Stephen is while conveniently forgetting the fact that he had no problems with this man from 2012 up until the middle of the 2016 Republican Primaries.  He would later go on making a rather big noise of “quitting” Breitbart during the whole Michelle Fields kerfuffle, turning his energies full time to the new website he founded back in 2015:

One of the things that raised Shapiro’s ire, saying, in words pretty much to the effect, that Bannon took Mercer for a “ride.” by ". . .manipulated Breitbart News into a Cruz-bashing Trump propaganda outlet."   Rather harsh words coming from someone doing the SAME DAMNED THING at the website he currently edits, only with the politicians reversed. 

Robert Mercer, one of the major investors of Breitbart, gave 11 million dollars to  KEEP THE PROMISE I super PAC.  Apparently the integrity of the Fourth Estate is of little concern for Shapiro as he accuses Bannon of shilling for Trump, yet he has been doing the same thing for almost a year straight and is upset Bannon didn't go along with Mercer's wishes.

Now this is where the hypocrisy come into full view, and why anything said by Shapiro should be discounted as paid-for propaganda. is owned by Forward Publishing LLC of Cisco TX .  This company happens to be part of the Wilks Bros. business empire. (I reported on this earlier.)

You may remember the Wilks as being the Texas oil billionaires who made the rather huge donation of 15 million dollars to KEEP THE PROMISE III (now called REIGNITING THE PROMISE) , a part of the Keep The Promise network of soft money Ted Cruz super PAC’s run by Glenn Beck’s business partner David Barton.

 If the owner of The New York Times gave millions to Hillary, every right-winger in the country would scream  foul play!  Yet when Shapiro employer does it for the benefit of Ted Cruz, then all is well in the land of Conservative Punditry.

Now the most insufferable thing about this whole rotten scenario is that Shapiro, or Beck for that matter, has never come clean to their audience about these massive conflicts of interest. These people are either working for or with mega donors.  

Noted historian William I. Shirer, in his book “The Collapse of the Third Republic,” noted that Nazi Germany did not have to spend much money buying off French politicians before the war.   The Germans testified that it was much more effective to buy off journalists.  What we are seeing is something very similar happening to us right now.  

Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause is the literal definition of Propaganda.  Everything Ben Shapiro once accused Jon Stewart of doing now he stands just as guilty, if not more so.  This failure of Shapiro to disclose such information while presenting himself as a journalist grounded in principle is HYPOCRISY.  

Shapiro has no moral leg to stand on.  

This man is a fraud.

Author's Note:  I would like to apologize to anybody still left in cyberspace who actually reads this damned thing.  I am currently outside of the country and will not be back for several months.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why Republicans will never end Abortion

To truly understand Abortion in American Politics, you must understand what is a Wedge Issue

A Wedge Issue is really a simple concept.  It is simply something that corrupt political parties use to drive voters to the polls and to squeeze money out of it's members.  I first became aware of this when I, in one of the dumbest acts possible, subscribed to the National Review.  

For some crazy reason everybody and their brother with some sort of charity or "Conservative Narrative" to sell was clogging my poor little mailbox with their solicitations.  (NR went and sold my address. Just another reason for that rag to die.)  Most notably was the Republican Party and it endless series of "Voter Surveys."  

You might of seen these darn things. So serious looking.  Asking for you valued opinion (and $15 for processing) so the Party can better respond to the needs of the electorate.  After a while I realized what was going on.


To which I properly responded:

That's the story with a lot of these things.  It's nothing more then a scam.  The Jerks in DC know that all they have to do is whip up the old Abortion, 2nd Amendment, IRS, or Benghazi drum and us clods who know no better will pull the right lever in November.  Democrats do this as well.  It's one of the reasons for such Partisan Gridlock, both sides make a shit-ton of money using the issue de jour in contributions.

All of this brings us to Abortion.  Republican Leadership will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the murder of unborn children.  Raul Ryan has been pulling the heart string of the American People for years while at the same time doing everything he can to make sure Planned Parenthood gets all the taxpayer dough it wants.  Just look at the Omnibus if you don't believe me. Check out how the GOP funds the murder of children.

All of this bring me to the issue of Abortion and the Wisconsin Primary.  After a little digging from your's truly, I had discovered that the Wisconsin Right To Life Victory Fund is only four days old.  

If you take a look at the FEC Expenditure reports, you will find that it is nothing more then pro Ted Cruz puff pieces.  That this "organisation" has had most of it's funding deriving from OUTSIDE Wisconsin!  All of it's expenditures, since it's founding 3 days ago, have been expressly for the support of Ted Cruz despite all three candidates being Pro-Life.    

Talk about Astro-Turf!  

(It should also be noted that this "organisation" never said anything about Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.  Both of whom respectfully used taxpayer money to fund the murder of children i.e. Planned Parenthood.)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Did Andrew Klavan lie about Donald Trump?

Now a lot of you may know that Fascism is bad.  Hell, even I, the uneducated dolt that I is, am willing to agree with anybody on that.  Since it is such an evil stain on human history, calling someone a fascist or an anti-semite who really isn't should be regarded as one of the lowest of the lowest smears in modern politics.

This brings us to noted author and Dailywire columnist Andrew Klavan.  A couple of weeks ago Andy went and tweeted an image of Donald Trump right next to a picture of Il Duce, the inventor of Fascism and dictator of Italy during the Second World War.
The attempt here is obvious and it's message is clear: "Donald Trump is a Fascist Dictator."  However there is one slight problem with this little narrative Mr. Klavan is trying to instill.  The picture of Donald Trump was taken while he was Grand Marshal of the 2004 Israeli Appreciation Parade in New York City.

Here is an uncropped picture:

Now we have already established that the website Andy works for (in the words of a real news professional,  Mr. Charles C. Johnson) is nothing more then a Ted Cruz Pravda pipe organ.  (Pravda being the official newspaper of the Kremlin.) 

I guess when the people who sign the front of your paycheck give 15 million dollars to Ted Cruz, all other competition for the GOP Nomination now looks like Hitler.  I never knew "Principled Conservatism" came with a price tag.  

( I would like to apologize for the lack of post lately.  This is not my full time job and the thing that really puts worthless fiat currency in the ye olde wallet take up a good 12-14 hours of my day.  I would also like to thank Charles Johnson for the hat tip at his website

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fishing In Deferiet, NY

Today actually started out quite nice.  After stopping at the Steward's in Great Bend for a cup of coffee, I turned onto Highway 3 and traveled north until I got to the tiny village of Deferiet, New York.  Turning left on Riverside Drive, I proceed past the small Catholic Church until I got to the Public Access boat launch which sits right behind the Water Treatment Plant.

It was a little bit cold today (high of 33) and I decided that I would just fish off of the river bank instead of taking to the water.  Which was a wise decision since the river was ice cold.  
Red Dot - Where I was at
My whole goal was to try and snag a few yellow perch.  Perch are open all year (bag limit in NY is 50) and was one of the first fish I caught up here in NY.  Perch start to spawn in the April-May time frame, and since it was just a short winter, I figured there might be some out there.  It turned out I was wrong.
Now the town of Deferiet can be described as an artificial island.  South of the town there sits a hydroelectric station and an overflow canal which diverts part of the river.  The red dot on the picture is where the canal runs back into the river.  My thinking was that where these two meet would be a great place to try a river rig with a floating jig setup.  Alittle later on in the year, this would have worked wonders, but I think it was still too early.  
One Last Note

Neptune was not willing to give up his bounty this day. (Is Neptune in charge of Fresh water rivers as well? Seems like a job he'd give his no-good brother-in-law or something.)  However it wasn't a complete loss.  When I stopped at the Steward's Gas Station to pick up lunch/dinner after my little expedition, turns out they had Bush Light on sale for $3.99 a sixer!

If you ever decide to fish the Black River, make sure to use a snag free set up.  This river is lousy with large rocks and sunken logs.  It wasn't too bad this year since all the heavy river flow cleared out most of the crap, but last year was terrible! I must have lost 15 bucks worth of tackle in there.