Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why Republicans will never end Abortion

To truly understand Abortion in American Politics, you must understand what is a Wedge Issue

A Wedge Issue is really a simple concept.  It is simply something that corrupt political parties use to drive voters to the polls and to squeeze money out of it's members.  I first became aware of this when I, in one of the dumbest acts possible, subscribed to the National Review.  

For some crazy reason everybody and their brother with some sort of charity or "Conservative Narrative" to sell was clogging my poor little mailbox with their solicitations.  (NR went and sold my address. Just another reason for that rag to die.)  Most notably was the Republican Party and it endless series of "Voter Surveys."  

You might of seen these darn things. So serious looking.  Asking for you valued opinion (and $15 for processing) so the Party can better respond to the needs of the electorate.  After a while I realized what was going on.


To which I properly responded:

That's the story with a lot of these things.  It's nothing more then a scam.  The Jerks in DC know that all they have to do is whip up the old Abortion, 2nd Amendment, IRS, or Benghazi drum and us clods who know no better will pull the right lever in November.  Democrats do this as well.  It's one of the reasons for such Partisan Gridlock, both sides make a shit-ton of money using the issue de jour in contributions.

All of this brings us to Abortion.  Republican Leadership will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the murder of unborn children.  Raul Ryan has been pulling the heart string of the American People for years while at the same time doing everything he can to make sure Planned Parenthood gets all the taxpayer dough it wants.  Just look at the Omnibus if you don't believe me. Check out how the GOP funds the murder of children.

All of this bring me to the issue of Abortion and the Wisconsin Primary.  After a little digging from your's truly, I had discovered that the Wisconsin Right To Life Victory Fund is only four days old.  

If you take a look at the FEC Expenditure reports, you will find that it is nothing more then pro Ted Cruz puff pieces.  That this "organisation" has had most of it's funding deriving from OUTSIDE Wisconsin!  All of it's expenditures, since it's founding 3 days ago, have been expressly for the support of Ted Cruz despite all three candidates being Pro-Life.    

Talk about Astro-Turf!  

(It should also be noted that this "organisation" never said anything about Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.  Both of whom respectfully used taxpayer money to fund the murder of children i.e. Planned Parenthood.)

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