Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's Trout Season!


So I took the opportunity today to go out and enjoy the fine springtime weather that we are all having up here in Northern New York.  The video above is the results of my fishing expedition along the Black River, just a little south of Great Bend, NY.  

The particular spot I chose is a little favorite of mine (so don't tell anybody!) on the west river bank.  Here the water is not moving too rough because the rocks form a little pocket away from the main current.  There is a nice parking area  for a nature trail just before the Bridge on Highway 26.  


Nothing more than a  simple Eagle Claw trout rig that you can get at Wal-Mart for $1.39.  What I did was that, instead of using the size 6 snelled hooks that come with the rig, I  used a yellow floating jig for my nightcrawler.  

I have always had good luck with a yellow floating jig.  I think its because trout love yellow.

I like these things because it solves the problem of trying to keep your bait from getting tangled in the sinker line.  


Can of worms.  (Seriously, this is trout fishing, not rocket surgery.) 

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