Friday, June 16, 2017

Just My Luck

One day right before Largemouth season officially opens and I go and get this beauty!  Enjoy the video folks! 

Simple large cam action style hook with about 3/8 oz. of split shot sinkers located a good 10-12 inches above the hook.  A very simple, basic bottom feeder set up that work really well.  I didn't expect a Large Mouth Bass on my line, just a few trout or some cats.  But hey, it works!

Nightcrawlers I picked up at a Stewart's gas station.  They make really good sandwiches, although this time they didn't have any horseradish sauce for the roast beef.  I had to make due with just mayo.  

Theresa New York along the banks of the Indian River.  A very beautiful place to sit and fish or to take out a canoe and go enjoy nature.  The video above shows the second location, the first one being a little bit south of the bridge (the green area) and a pain to get to.  

 Here is where I first set up in Santway Park.  It was a pain climbing down and back up what with all the moss covered rocks and the wet leaves.  Good thing was there were very few mosquitoes.   

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