Friday, March 18, 2016

Cucking For Dollars

Well it looks like a lot of things has happened this week.  So let's take a quick review.

Erick Erickson continues with his #NeverTrump nonsense.  This shouldn't really surprise anybody who has mildly followed Mr. Erickson on both the radio and when he was CEO of  

Now back when I discovered that Ben Shapiro's employers gave 15 million dollars to a Cruz Super PAC, a rather interesting thought came into my mind.  What if Shapiro is not the only one?  What if most of what we see as "Conservative News/Commentary" is nothing more than paid for political  advertisement  masquerading  as online journalism?  

This looks to be the case when you take a look at the website in which Erickson makes the case for a third party if Donald Trump wins the nomination.  This happens to be one of the most stupidest things ever uttered by a self proclaimed Republican to date, and that includes everything said by Lindsey Graham!   Now the interesting thing about Erickson's article is when you scroll down to the very bottom of the the page and find this: 

Cucks Means Big  Bucks
A nice little SRG Logo. After a little bit of digging (I clicked on the link.) I found that SRG stands for Stoneridge Group, a "political consultant" firm based out of Georgia (with an office in Lexington KY) that specializes in helping candidates sell their message to the rubes I mean people through "digital campaigns."  What type of digital marketing?  No one rightly knows. 

Just think of it like this:  

What would a group, whose very business model depends on massive amounts of  cash being spent during an election cycle, feel about a guy who shows up, rewrites all the rules, spend practically nothing and has the biggest vote/delegate lead so far?   

I'm guessing not to happy about it.  Hence the #NeverTrump campaign.  

One Last Note
I will be fishing tomorrow on the Black River just south of Carthage, New York.  So look forward to that article, which should be posted sometime late tomorrow.  

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