Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Full Disclosure

In all due fairness to Ben Shapiro, I should point out who I have voted for and to which politician I have given money.

2008 GOP Primary--McCain (Originally Giuliani, but he dropped out too soon.)
2008 General--McCain
2012 GOP Primary--Rick Santorum
2012 General--Mitt Romney
2016 GOP Primary--Donald J Trump*  

2008 Primary Election--NONE                      
2008 General--McCain,  $25
2012 Primary--Santorum,  $25
2012 General-- NONE       
2014 General--Jeff Bell,  $5
2016 Primary--Ted Cruz,  $10

* I am registered to vote in North Carolina, not New York, and have already sent off my absentee ballot.

I would also like to state that my employer has not given money to anybody seeking elected office as far as I could tell.   Now let's see if Ben can do the same.

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