Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ben Shapiro and The Anti Trump Crowd

I used to like Ben a lot, but now I don't. At first I thought his Anti-Trump stance has slipped form principled opposition to outright obsession. I remember reading his articles during the 2008 and the 2012 Primaries where he pretty much landed in the NONE OF THE ABOVE Camp.  Which I thought of at the time as a bit odd, but some people have really picky tastes.  I've always been more of a 7/10 IS GOOD ENOUGH Man.  
Now things are different.  
Now Mr. Shapiro has a horse by the name of Ted Cruz that he is going to back 1000%. 
Now Conservatives are going to win the White House.
Now Conservatives will restore the Constitution and right the Great Ship of State. 
Now this time we are going to do it!
Now I have learned that there maybe  more of a financial motive to all of this.
Ben Shapiro not only holds down the job of Editor at Large for Breitbart News, but he also is a featured writer and podcaster for DailyWire.com  I was screwing around on the website when I came across the TERMS OF USE page since I was thinking about signing up for the Subscription Service.  I scrolled down the page and came across this: 
Forward Publishing 
ATTN: Customer Service
​PO Box 1644
Cisco Tx 76437
Why the heck is a guy who lives in Los Angeles working for a company based out of a Dallas Suburb?  So I decided to do quick search for Forward Publishing LLC and see what comes up.
Further research had shown that the owners of this company is none other then the Wilks Brothers.  Levi Wilks is listed as the Manager of Forward Publishing and has ties to 7 Pillar Records LLC.  In turn 7 Pillar is run by a fellow named Farris Wilks.  Farris is famous for being a real Texas Success Story, going from Brick Layer to Oil and Gas Tycoon to Church Preacher.  
These are the very same Texas Billionaires who gave an impressive $15 million to a Ted Cruz Super PAC. Why haven't we been told about this?  This looks like if The Times invested a lot of money into GM and then ran articles about how the only car that doesn't suck is a Chevy.  
Ben is a really smart man and I do not want to accuse him of fraud. All I would like to know is whether or not Ben knew about this and how much did this influence his commentary. A Cynic that lives deep inside me (right next to the gall bladder) tells me that this does explain why he has been so hyper critical of Trump or anyone else for that matter and has repeatedly glossed over the mistakes of Ted Cruz.  I really don't want to believe him but I don't want to be a sucker either.  


  1. Thanks for the research. Money has a way of bending the mind. Same effect can be observed with Climate Change "scientists".

  2. Or maybe Trump really is an ass.

    1. An ass he may be, still doesn't excuse corruption in journalism on Ben's part

    2. Trump has paid off so many journalists...and created blogs like The Conservative Tree House & The Marshall Report. All they do, all day long is bash the only CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE we have had for the past 25 yrs.

    3. Conservative Treehouse has been around before Trump got on the scene.

    4. Nobody is paying me for this. I have no advertising nor donation system.

  3. RULE OUT ASS. CRUZ met his wife HEIDI (celled one of the Architects of the North American Union) when they both worked for... the BUSHES.
    They area the CON artist new version of BIll and HILLARY only they already have a ton of baggage.

    1. The anatomy of a SMEAR..the lies and the little lies of Donald Trump. http://blogcritics.org/anatomy-of-a-smear-heidi-cruz/

  4. Thank you for the time and effort researching this. Guys like you are the real Press Corp heroes of the day.

    Keep up the good work

  5. Great research Eric.
    Yesterday I remember seeing a person I follow on Twitter directly ask Benjamin if he was in any way, being paid by someone who support Rafael Cruz and his campaign.

    He said no.

    After following Ben on twitter for the past year and half, viewing his Youtube videos, reading his books, and even forgiving some of his pro-Israel, cuckservative tendencies, I find him to be disingenuous.

    He has taken every effort in every medium to disparage Trump, without even taking a mild swipe at any other GOP candidate.

    I am disappointed but not surprised. The GOPe and the "conservative" party has been co-opted and has been slowly rotting from the inside out for the past decade.

    1. Israel really has nothing to do with it. I would not describe Shapiro as a "Cuck" but more of a PureCon. Even before this election you could see how some of these guys treat Conservatism as a Religion. I myself was like that for a bit until I grew up and started reading sources other then Weekly Standard.

      I wouldn't mind if Ben was working directly for Cruz, but to pretend to be a journalist? That's just too much.

    2. Cucks by definition can't be Jewish. Shapiro can't be 100% sure what position Trump will take regarding Israel so he if going with Cruz, the sure thing regarding Israel, and then with Hillary as his 2nd choice, for the same above reason.

    3. That's totally false. Ben has admitted where Trump was right, including one tweet which Trump Retweeted, posting a picture of the Vatican wall when the pope came down on Trump. Ben took plenty of swipes at everyone from saying Jeb would be better off with a campaign slogan of "awkward!" And saying Jeb "looks like Kermit the Frog in need of laxatives".... To saying Ben Carson's lack of foreign policy experience would hurt him. He also said Cruz has terrible imagistics, and his friend and colleague Andrew Klavan who is also on the Cruz bandwagon and publishes content for dailywire has said Cruz looks like a used car salesman, and that Trump is smart to call him "lying Ted" to capitalize off of his appearance.

      Those are just off the top of my head.

      They are being very transparent about their bias for Cruz, but Shapiro is pretty fair in that he calls it like he sees it, and he makes clear he defends the principals he believes in.

    4. Well then please explain what changed between now and 2011 when Ben wrote this paen to . . .Donald Trump as a candidate?


      Since the consensus Cruzzite opinion these days is that Trump moved "right" to campaign as a Republican (when he's always been a lifelong Democrat), why was Ben so eager for Trump to run five years ago--and so against the idea when it became reality? If anything, Trump sounded more liberal back then than he does today, so why was he a better candidate then, Ben?

      Look at his stance today in the context of his bro-mancy article of 2011 and it looks more and more like he's gotten marching orders.

      And calling Ted out for clumsiness and bad presentation skills is a far cry from calling him out on his lies and policy switches.
      Here's a video of Ted flipping on birthright citizenship (4 mins, but really 2 mins done 2 times). Notice how in 2011 he makes an absolute declaration on birthright citizenship, but in Aug 2015 (after Trump got popular talking up the issue) he not only flips around to the Trump stance, but then denies he had any other position on the issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zBW8vLnRDY But Ben doesn't take his criticism that far.

    5. Trump had an opinion just like any American. He was not a Politician. Have you ever changed your mind on anything??? I have many time. I was going to buy a Linconn Town car and then change to Cadillac. No difference. You must be nuts to think people dont change their mine from 4 years ago.



  7. Research, Research, Research.....Thanks for doing it for me....on a person I have always "HAD" Respect for. I would NEVER have thought Ben would pull a "Beck" on Us! (me) AMERICA NEEDS TRUMP....(or cruz)....HOWEVER....WHEN SOMEONE (anyone)TRIES TO "STACK-THE-DECK" ON AMERICA.....THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN "Hanoi Jane"! KICK-ROCKS Ben....your "Credit Rateing" has been downgraded to "NONE"!

  8. Thank You Eric for your Hard Work to investigate Ben Shappiro's oddity last couple month at Breitbart

  9. Thanks, Eric. Your research is consistent with Shapiro's behavior. He recently appeared on a clip for Church Militant and literally said Trump is a taint on the conservative "brand". And he's thrown himself on his sword over this Michelle Fields nonsense. His support of Cruz is none of my business, but to call for a man to be fired over an assault that never happened is immoral and unprincipled. Then to double down when the truth comes out for purely political reasons seems to me as pathological a form of identity politics as the Left is often guilty of.

  10. 7 pillars?

    Does it have any connection to the 7 Mountains of Dominionism which Cruz is a part of?


  11. Ben Shapiro addresses these allegations directly in @44:00 in episode 102 of his podcast. This blog is making waves!